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An EEG Biofeedback Specialist’s Discovery

My wife is an EEG biofeedback specialist that offers sleep uk therapy techniques to help patients who are suffering sleep disorders. During the course of her therapy sessions spanning roughly 6 years, she’s noticed a common occurrence amongst patients that she’s cured. Almost all of them have reported that in addition to being able to sleep better, they also have far less anxiety in life. This has lead my wife to speculate that sleep deprivation and lack of quality REM based sleep cycles could actually be the cause of many common anxiety based disorders. She’s published 3 separate studies backed by clinical research on the subject. Her published research has attracted many other EEG biofeedback specialists who have contacted her in order to share their similar findings. It will be interesting to see where continued research on this topic goes, as it could very well lead to the alleviation of two common health ailments in one swoop, that being sleep disorders and general anxiety.