Down the road

Past the butchers

I Was Childish

People think I broke up with Ellen because she stopped reading books and resumed one of her favorite meaningless activities: watching soap operas. But people really shouldn’t make assumptions about the inner worlds of other people, because that was not my motivation for ending my relationship with her. In reality (the realm where most people don’t dwell because their own lives are built on fiction) I broke up with her because she stole two NCR pads that I had been used to write a historical fiction novel. Although I never identified her motive for the behavior, I’m fairly certain it was the beginning of what would have been a string of sneaky (or surreptitious, if you like SAT words) actions designed to get me to become as anti-intellectual as she had become. So I called it quits. Quickly.

One Sparky Party

Last weekend my fiancé and I got married. As part of the ceremony, we had two sets of wedding fireworks displays. The first set was displayed, prior to me walking down the aisle. This set was hearts in pink and white, followed by a few glittery poufs of sparks in a rainbow of colors. The second set was at the end of the ceremony. This group of fireworks was similar to a grand finale, may types and colors all going off simultaneously. Many people at the wedding remarked, that they had never seen fireworks incorporated in to a ceremony before. The main reason we did that was that my fiancé and I met on the fourth of July at a fireworks celebration. It all seemed fitting to tie our wedding into how we met.

Lucy Luck

Lucy Luck loved Premier Inn hotels in London. Her favorite thing was to curl up in opened windows. Hotel guests usually loved her company and would pet her unabashedly. Many times, she’d even received tuna from enthusiastic guests who exclaimed, “look! a British cat!” If Lucy could talk she’d probably have a British accent, but she didn’t think her meow was much to gush over. It sounded like meows from cats she’d heard on American television shows.

One day, Lucy was prancing down Chelsea street nodding and swishing her tail at all passer’s by. She felt like making her way to the Sloan Square tube station to see if anyone would drop some crumbs or crouch down to pet her. As she curled herself inside the station she noticed David Tennant who she recognized from glimpse of television she’d caught in hotels, drinking tea. Lucy Luck padded her little kitty paws to where he was and brushed up against his pant leg. David looked down at the cat with a smile on his face and decided he’d had enough tea for now so he placed his little mug and saucer on the ground for Lucy Luck to enjoy.

I recently fixed my ability to distinguish pitch

When I retired, I found that I was having a lot of trouble hearing high pitches. This made it so that I could not hear some music, new cars, and sometimes person’s voices would drown out. I knew that I was going to have to get my hearing fixed, and so I decided to look into getting hearing aids Manchester.

I was able to go a professional shop, and took a hearing test. This shop was able to determine what pitch I could not hear sounds out. I was then able to get fitted with a pair of aids that lowered higher pitches to a tone that I could hear. My new aids are able to change the pitch so I can still tell the difference between pitches, and I have found that they have greatly improved my day to day life.

Bad Beach Visit

I never go to the beach. I’m just not into blue skies, sparkling water and endless sunshine. My friends and family members think I’m an alien because of it, too. All I can say is I like being indoors, all of the time. I get a headache when I’m in bright weather, especially when it’s hot out.

I recently spoke to a friend who complained about her recent trip to a famous beach on an exotic faraway tropical island. She said that she heard that the sand on the beach felt smooth and soft like velvet. She said that that the claim couldn’t be further from the truth. She wanted to sunbathe but couldn’t because it felt like she was relaxing on uncomfortable silica sand. Since I don’t know what the most luxurious beaches on earth feel like, I couldn’t really get a grasp on what she was saying. All I could do was say “That’s a shame.”

I’m Watching You

After a few moments of consideration, ten to be exact, I have decided that I no longer want curtains in my home office. The main reason for this is because they are blackout curtains and I have no need for it to be so dark in a place I am supposed to work. I feel blinds Manchester are a logical choice for my new window treatment. Plus I am nosey and my office faces the street, I could easily spy on the neighbors.

At the store, I am perplexed by how many choices I have. There are wood, aluminum, vertical, white, black, long, and short ones. So many choices. Some are also insanely expensive, but I would still like some to change the look of my office. After an hour of indecisiveness, I leave with a white wooden vertical set. Hopefully, I can see everything now without being caught.

An EEG Biofeedback Specialist’s Discovery

My wife is an EEG biofeedback specialist that offers sleep uk therapy techniques to help patients who are suffering sleep disorders. During the course of her therapy sessions spanning roughly 6 years, she’s noticed a common occurrence amongst patients that she’s cured. Almost all of them have reported that in addition to being able to sleep better, they also have far less anxiety in life. This has lead my wife to speculate that sleep deprivation and lack of quality REM based sleep cycles could actually be the cause of many common anxiety based disorders. She’s published 3 separate studies backed by clinical research on the subject. Her published research has attracted many other EEG biofeedback specialists who have contacted her in order to share their similar findings. It will be interesting to see where continued research on this topic goes, as it could very well lead to the alleviation of two common health ailments in one swoop, that being sleep disorders and general anxiety.